Special Needs Caregivers

Special Needs Caregivers


CSI-Registry provides referrals of independent caregivers with specialized skills who can provide for the medical needs of clients with medical or developmental disabilities.

CSI-Registry is contracted to refer caregivers to individuals with disabilities or special needs. Eligible clients can receive a range of services from referred caregivers including Personal Care, Respite Care, Attendant Care, In-Home Support and Private Duty Skilled Nursing Services.

CSI-Registry provides referrals of independent caregivers within most Medicaid Waiver or Diversion programs including Developmental Services, Supported Living, Traumatic Brain Injury/Spinal Cord Injury, Aged and Disabled and Alzheimer’s disease Initiative.

Referrals of Special Needs Caregivers

An Independent Personal Care Attendant can provide personal care to an individual with a significant disability by providing assistance with activities of daily living such as personal hygiene care; bowel & bladder care; transfers and ambulation; tasks related to the consumer maintaining a healthy & stable living environment, to include purchase, preparation and consumption of food, personal laundry, and light housekeeping of consumer’s personal areas; and any other similar activity of daily living.

An Independent Personal Care Attendant can also assist individuals with a disability in performing daily living activities that the individual would typically perform if the individual did not have a disability. Such services can increase the individual’s control in life and ability to participate in activities specified in a Plan.

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