Special Needs Caregivers

Special Needs Caregivers


CSI-Registry provides referrals of independent caregivers with specialized skills who can provide for the medical needs of clients with medical or developmental disabilities.

CSI-Registry is contracted with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the Department of Children and Families and the Agency for Health Care Administration to provide referrals of independent caregivers who can provide Medicaid Waiver supported services. Eligible clients can receive a range of services from referred caregivers including Personal Care, Respite Care, Attendant Care, In-Home Support and Skilled Nursing Services.

CSI-Registry provides referrals of independent caregivers within most Medicaid Waiver or Diversion programs including Developmental Services, Supported Living, Traumatic Brain Injury/Spinal Cord Injury, Aged and Disabled and Alzheimer’s disease Initiative.

Referrals of Special Needs Caregivers

An Independent Personal Care Attendant can provide personal care to an individual with a significant disability by providing assistance with activities of daily living such as personal hygiene care; bowel & bladder care; transfers and ambulation; tasks related to the consumer maintaining a healthy & stable living environment, to include purchase, preparation and consumption of food, personal laundry, and light housekeeping of consumer’s personal areas; and any other similar activity of daily living.

An Independent Personal Care Attendant can also assist individuals with a disability in performing daily living activities that the individual would typically perform if the individual did not have a disability. Such services can increase the individual’s control in life and ability to participate in activities specified in a Plan.

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