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Our clients rely on CSI to deliver the best in value, reliability, and quality. Here’s what they are saying about our efforts.

Winter Park, Fl

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for all you and CSI have done for me and my family. When my parents came to stay with me during my mother’s treatment with radiation and chemotherapy for cancer I was at a loss on how to handle their care. You and Maureen came to my rescue. I am blessed that my parents had the means and the knowledge to buy a great long term care policy and that I found CSI to help me facilitate the policy.

You and Maureen guided us step by step through the process and I couldn’t appreciate it more. You took the time to find us excellent consistent caregivers which was a comfort to both my parents and my family. The care given by Vitalina, Alexis and Tia has far exceeded our expectations. In a few short weeks they have all become part of the family.

My parents are two very different people. My mother is very social and desires interaction and companionship through most of the day. She also is not very mobile and needs a lot of help. My Dad is more stoic and independent. He needs care but is very proud and takes time to warm up to the idea of help. The girls took their time to get to know both my parents, their personalities and needs, and have provided wonderful care for both of them.

My husband and I own our own business and work out of our house or we are on the road. CSI has enabled us to have the care we needed for my parents while still working. I have no qualms about leaving my parents with our caregivers as I am confident that they treat my parents like their own.

I cannot express to you how much we appreciate all you have done for us. The best way we can show our appreciation is to recommend your company to my friends and family. I have already recommended one
friend and know there will be more to come. I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience with CSI.

Marlene G.

Summerfield, FL

I want to take this opportunity to thank CSI for the professional care and execution of my father’s Banker’s Life Home Health Care policy. Mr. John Miller immediately recommended your service, and I was impressed at how quickly you had a caregiver at our door.

Our caregiver was experienced and patient. We all learned to appreciate her expertise and loving care. She worked seamlessly with my brother as the caregiving team. She always knew just how much to be involved, as well as when to call the nurse or doctor. I know her “secret ingredient” smoothies and other home cooking were the key to my father living beyond Hospice’s expectations. The meals and other assistance were above and beyond the needed care that she provided every day. I hope you will continue to place her where she can share her skills.

Elaine G.

Miami, FL

Now that my aunt Ruth Miller is returning home from hospital I would like to take this opportunity to ask for a pay increase for her Caregiver. Her Caregiver provides excellent physical, emotional and personal services to my aunt who is over 91 years old and suffering from many ailments affecting her mobility, cognition, and digestion.

Ruth Miller is a client of long standing with CSI going back many years to previous owners. For the past 9 years her Caregiver has worked for the same hourly pay rate and yet goes above and beyond the expected using her many skills to make sure my aunt is well cared for. She accompanies Ruth to all medical appointments and advocates with her doctors explaining any concerns and then skillfully administers medications and other necessary procedures. She is especially skilled at dealing with my aunt’s colostomy needs, something many other care givers are unwilling or unable to do properly.

My aunt relies on her Caregiver for her hygiene and personal grooming which is done well and contributes to my aunt’s attractive appearance. The Caregiver is well aware of Ruth’s cognitive limitations now and tries to stimulate her and speaks to her kindly but firmly to provide a loving, but structured environment. Although there are other women who work with my aunt at night and on Sundays, the Caregiver organizes Ruth’s medications and meals as well as gives them any important information regarding her care. We keep in close contact as I am legally responsible for my aunt under the terms of a Durable Power of Attorney, but I live in Toronto Canada and cannot travel to Miami more than once a year because of my husband’s poor health.

The most important aspect of the Caregiver’s care toward my aunt, is that it comes from her genuine love and respect for Ruth and her honest dedication to her job. These special qualities are not that common and we are most grateful to her Caregiver for being the type of person she is. Though I am her closest relative, there are others in our family and we are all aware of how lucky Ruth is to have someone like her Caregiver to take care of her and we know that her continued quality of life depends on her Caregiver. We ask that you consider this exceptional woman for a more than well deserved pay raise.

April C.

Sarasota, FL

Thank you Sooooo much for everything!

As you know we were a little hesitant about how Pat would react to being left with a “stranger”. By the end of the CNA’s visit, they were talking like they had known each other for years! The Caregiver was wonderful! Very attentive and understanding of Pat’s health and physical needs. Pats keeps asking when the Caregiver is coming to see her again.

The CSI staff are the best! Thank you for taking the time to talk and listen to what we needed and pairing us with the best match for our caregiver…And she was a perfect match!

Patrick D.

Sarasota, FL

Thank you guys for that lovely card and I too want to wish you all Holiday Cheer.

It gives me an opportunity to thank you also for sending me your caregiver. She is an extraordinary and skilled lovely person and i am not exaggerating when I say she has changed my life. Whether it is a balky lock that needs changing or a ride to the hospital in St. Petersburg she just gets it right. I don’t know what I would do without her.


Miami, FL

My daughter has been on life-support nearly every day since she was born 30 years ago. As delicate as the petals of a flower and as fragile as a snowflake, she is the most precious thing in my life. It is terrifying to have to leave her in the morning to go to work, knowing that a medical crisis can occur at any moment and she can be gone. We are so fortunate to have a team of skilled and truly dedicated CSI caregivers who lovingly care for my child as if she was their own.

Harvey B.

Miami, FL

I have been a client of CSI for the past ten years. I am very appreciative of their Alternate Administrator for the help and support that she has given me over the years. Thank you to the staff for their help as well.

Cindy R.

Southwest Ranches, FL

I want to thank you for the professional and compassionate environment your staff provided. From the start your staff was so helpful. I want to thank you for making the transition to home care a smooth one and for the professional discount provided to me as a Memorial employee.

I would like to tell you about a few of your employees who were always available and understanding. The intake nurse was helpful in determining what type of care and schedule would be best for us. Customer service was always there to assist me as my mother’s care needs changed. She was so helpful and kind. One of your caregiver’s cared for my mother during the evening; she is a very compassionate caring individual. My whole family was very pleased with the care and kindness. She was a gift. Your billing department was also very professional, compassionate, and helpful. I must commend the caregiver that helped my mother. She is a wonderful person who shows compassion and kindness while providing outstanding care. She was a blessing from God. She treated my mother with dignity and respect and was so involved in her care and helped my mother work toward an independent state. My mother was physically cared for from her feet to her hair. She always looked beautiful when I arrived home. Her emotional state was stimulated and the caregiver provided a positive environment even when my mother was difficult. Our home was always immaculate and I discovered she cleaned the bathrooms and the floors in the rooms she provided my mother’s care. She would call to see how my mother was doing on the transition to independence days. If we ever need caregivers again we will definitely request her. She is truly an asset to your institution and deserves recognition.

Mrs. Raymond W.

Sarasota, FL

I am writing to let you know of my complete satisfaction with the services of your company and caregivers. We have always believed in the importance of “Quality of Life” and we are once again experiencing it thanks to our day CNA and our evening CNA.

My husband, a former commercial pilot was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. For many months I thought only I could provide the best care for him. It took a toll on my health and his. I also resisted having a caregiver because I valued our privacy and did not want someone “under foot”. We have a long term care policy and after consulting with Lois Winkler, the Admin of your Sarasota office, I agreed to try having a caregiver just for the days.

Due to the concentrated attention to Mr. White’s activities of daily living, he has gone from being weak and constantly falling to being vibrant and regaining his strength. Our CNA takes him for daily walks and makes sure he eats his meals. He will do things for her that he would not do for me. Our CNA has become part of the family and I can’t imagine not having her in our home as she is so good for both of us!

Initially, I was still providing the care for my husband in the evenings. Often after settling my husband in a chair or bed he would try to get up without assistance and fall. It was impossible for me to get him up and dangerous as well. After winding up in the emergency room with compression fractures to his ribs, Lois encouraged me to take advantage of our LTC and bring in an evening CNA. Since our evening CNA has been caring for Mr. White we have had no falls and my husband enjoys the company and stimulation.

The White Family highly recommends CSI services and is so thankful for the excellent caregivers they refer.

Phyllis (Daughter of Resident)

Flemington, NJ

Thank you so much for all your help. My mother was so pleased that the caregiver came in and put all of her groceries away, so she did not have to do that. She was surprised and it made things a lot easier for her.

Thank you again for you wonderful service!

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